Benefits to Working With Us

  • Legacy Matters.

    For over 60 years, Entegee has fielded the engineering staffing needs of strategic companies across the country. By connecting organizations with experienced professionals in the engineering and technical industries, we've proven our value time and time again.

  • Precision counts.

    With extensive experience in the technical and engineering space, we're proud to have expert placement professionals on our team that are trained in the fields of engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and drafting.

  • Speed makes a difference.

    We know that quickness is the key to success in a fast-changing, competitive industry. Which is why we prioritize speedy talent solutions in order to benefit our strategic partners.

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It's not just about where you are; it's about where you're headed. Which is why our engineering recruiters cover niche talent needs all over the country - spanning across specializations that stand to boon your business ambitions or career goals. We do this through our unique off-the-bench model; a model that guarantees that our partners' engineering and technical goals are met, no matter how grand – or how granular – the plan may be. Whatever your unique need may be, we have the right team ready to step up to the plate.

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