What makes us different

  • Legacy Matters.

    For over 60 years, Entegee has fielded the engineering staffing needs of strategic companies across the country. By connecting organizations with experienced professionals in the engineering and technical industries, we've proven our value time and time again.

  • Precision counts.

    With extensive experience in the technical and engineering space, we're proud to have expert placement professionals on our team that are trained in the fields of engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and drafting.

  • Speed makes a difference.

    We know that quickness is the key to success in a fast-changing, competitive industry. Which is why we prioritize speedy talent solutions in order to benefit our strategic partners.

Working with us

At Entegee, we believe you're only as good as the company you keep. Which is why the company we keep is so impressive. How do we help keep our strategic partners on their A-game? We start by making sure we take the steps necessary to provide them with the best team for the job. When you have an engineering talent need, we can directly recruit for your desired skillsets and qualifications. We use our knowledge of your business (gained from one-on-one Q&A sessions with our team and yours) to make sure that we know your end goal as we develop our plan to get you there.

Here's what that process looks like:

  1. The Search and Screen

    After identifying the position criteria and job requirements, we dip into our expansive database of experts to find the ideal candidate(s) for the role. If the talent isn't already onboard with us ready to activate, we'll kick it into high gear using social outreach like mass marketing, LinkedIn, email lists, etc. From there, we curate and screen all of our candidates to make sure the talent we're sending you is qualified for the role. Even if the position requires DOD clearance, we'll make sure you only see those candidates that have it or can get it. When HR and procurement are having trouble finding the niche talent you need, turn to the experts in engineering recruitment to get the job done.

  2. The Interviews

    Interviews are an important step in the hiring process, which is why we do initial interviews with all candidates before they meet with you. Our prequalifying interviews ensure the interviewee is as qualified as their resume suggests and they're prepared for the role in question. We also garner what a candidate may need to move from their current organization for yours. After a pre-qual interview, we set up a phone interview to make sure we're maximizing your time and effort before bringing in a candidate for a sit-down in your office.

  3. Check, Check, Check

    We want to make sure you're only getting candidates that are qualified for the specific role you're looking to fill - which is why we do our part to make sure that the talent you meet has the expertise you need. By completing background checks, drug tests, and/or reference checks, we can help you get through your specific pre-qualification process a lot quicker than going through the traditional paths via HR or procurement.

  4. The Offer, the Negotiation and Onboarding

    Making the right offer for top talent is a delicate balance. We're here to facilitate that motion to make sure it's a smooth process. To cut down on the back-and-forth, we can also assist with negotiating. We know what top engineering and tech talent are looking to be paid in order to leave their current employer, or what they need from their next employer, and we can help facilitate the way to that sweet spot.

  5. From the First Day and Beyond

    We don't just make a placement and then check out - we are committed to ongoing training and to help condition your temporary or permanent staff to the industry changes, position shifts, and required training related to your business trajectory. New Hire Orientations are another way we stay ahead of our competitors. By making sure your new hires are ready to hit the ground (or sky) running, we help shorten the "adjustment period" that may cause costly days of setbacks or delays.

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