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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional costs besides the bill rate?

No.  You pay the agreed upon straight time and overtime rates based on candidate hours work.  Business travel costs may be incurred with your authorization and would be an additional cost.

Do you do background checks?

We perform background checks at your request.  These can include:

  • Prior employment verification
  • Civil and Criminal checks
  • NationScan Basic
  • Workers compensation
  • Education verification
  • Social Security
  • Licensing verification
  • FACIS 1-3
  • Motor vehicle record
  • Credit
  • Professional/Technical references

Do you do drug screen?

Yes. We screen consultants for drug use at your request. 

How do you qualify your candidates?

After assembling a pool of candidates, we use a prescreen interview to assess the candidates’ technical skills and aptitudes as they relate to the position requirements. Those who meet requirements are screened during a 30-45 minute interview conducted either in person or over the phone. We’ll discuss current positions, expectations and preferences as well as the client and the project.  Probing questions, seeking detail and substantiation, reveal the true depth of the skill level. In addition, we seek a candidate’s familiarity with our client’s goals and environment to assess the candidate’s customer service aptitude, professionalism and personality fit.

Do you check references?

Yes. Our team of recruiters calls both listed references and past employers to verify the candidate’s credentials.

Are you insured – liability, etc.?

ENTEGEE is insured for commercial, automotive, workmen’s compensation and employer liability and our employees are bonded.  Our policies are current and registered with Harden & Associates of Jacksonville, FL.

What benefits do you provide for your temporary?

Our consultants are eligible for insurance group coverage including medical, dental and vision. 

How is a temporary converted into a hire?

Terms for converting a temporary into a permanent placement are part of your existing contract with ENTEGEE.  Please review this document or call your ENTEGEE account manager to discuss specifics of the conversion process.

What information do you need from me?

To ensure the best placements, we must understand the scope of the job, the responsibilities of the position, and the priority, skills and experience required to do the job.  Our ENTEGEE account managers will spend time getting to know you and your company to ensure just the right consultant fit.