We listen to your career goals
and help you find the position
that’s right for you


Candidates come to us looking for rewarding opportunities and challenging assignments and ENTEGEE delivers.  We talk with you to determine your career needs and unique skills and develop a plan for how we can place you with a position that fits you to a “T.”

National Capabilities with Local Service

As an engineer or technical professional you know that the best jobs aren’t always in your backyard.  With ENTEGEE you get the benefit of both local and national job placement. Whether you are looking locally or nationally, we have the relationships in your region and beyond. 

Relationships with Hiring Managers

We can give you the “in” to get the job.  We increase your networking capabilities because we work with top companies’ hiring managers every day.  Because of our connections and knowledge we can work faster at getting your resume into the right hands.  What could take you months to accomplish, with no real results, can take us mere hours. 

We’re Tapped into the Market

Ever wonder how some people seem to get these great jobs and you never even saw them posted?  It’s because some of the best jobs don’t even stay open long enough to get posted.  Knowing when someone is leaving a job, when a job is being created, or when a project is about to be opened, is a full-time job.  In fact, it’s ours! 

Get Diversified

Do you have transferable skills but feel “typecast” in your position? We all know how tough it can be to break into a new industry. If you send your resume for an interesting opportunity directly, there’s an excellent chance you won’t pass the screening process. But, when you have an ENTEGEE advocate presenting you directly to a hiring authority, you have the access you need to land the job.

Unmatched Experience

One of a candidate’s greatest frustrations can be developing a relationship with a recruiter only to have him or her leave the company after a period of time. At ENTEGEE, we not only have more than 50 years experience placing great engineering and technical talent, but a staff longevity that surpasses our competitors. Many of our recruiters and account managers have been with us for more than 20 years. Now that’s stability you can count on!